Diversity– At Christ UMC we intentionally foster and nurture a faith community that reflects the diversity of Piscataway and the kingdom of God. We believe church should be a place where everyone feels welcome and accepted.  

Moving Music– We believe that music sets the tone for the worship service. At Christ UMC we embrace a wide variety of music styles that celebrate the diversity of God’s kingdom.  

Fellowship in Community– We understand the church as a spiritual family. We work to grow in faith together and truly love on another so that all might experience encouragement and acceptance and have a shoulder to lean on in times of adversity.  

Service– At Christ UMC we believe that everyone has something to offer. Through our music programs, mission programs, Shepherd’s Harvest garden ministry, and Christian Education program, there is a place where everyone can nurture their gifts and passions or perhaps discover a new one. We marvel at the way God uses service as an opportunity to give us purpose we didn’t know we needed.