When we face important decisions and opportunities in our lives, we often weigh the pros and cons. We often find reasons to avoid making changes and to keep doing things the same old way. But there comes a time when we must decide… are we going to play it safe or go all in?

16 Jan 2022

Luke 12:13-21

Lynne Stallworth

The goal isn’t just to declutter your closet or garage but to declutter your life. To clear away the many distractions that raise our anxiety, feed us an endless stream of mind-numbing nonsense, and anesthetize us to what really matters.

9 Jan 2022

Matthew 3:16-4:3

Rev. Ronell Howard

Jesus needed time in the quiet place, and so do we. In seasons of busyness we need more time in the quiet place, not less, definitely not less.

2 Jan 2022
The Great Enemy of a Happy Life | Matthew 11:28-30

Rev. Ronell Howard

Anybody feel a bone-deep tiredness not just in your mind or body but in your soul? If so, you’re not alone. Jesus invites all of us to take up the “easy” yoke. What if the secret to the life we crave is actually “easy”?