Joy: A Study in Philippians

Sure, we find joy in our triumphs, but not so much in the trials. Yet real joy, genuine joy, is always ours in the saving grace of Christ Jesus. The Book of Philippians, the “letter of joy,” unpacks messages of contentment, confidence, humility, and hope – all found in Christ and infused with joy – in the mountaintop moments and in the mundane.

29 May 2022
To Be A Transformer
Romans 12:1-5
Rev. Ronell Howard

Being transformed allows us to be transformers in the world.

22 May 2022
To Be A Disciple

Luke 9: 23-25

Rev. Ronell Howard

Discipleship involves commitment, giving of our whole selves and lives, nor just Sunday morning.

15 May 2022
To Be A Witness
Matthew 28:16-20
Rev. James Lee

The gospel is a message to be shared. We are called (given authority!) to be witnesses beyond the walls of the church.

8 May 2022
Psalm 121
Minister Elijah Brown

Join us as we celebrate our mothers and all those who have mothers us. We will have a special guest preacher, Minister Elijah Brown, of St. Marks UMC in Montclair, NJ.

1 May 2022
Anxiety Free Joy
Philippians 4:4-9
Rev. Ronell Howard

The Apostle Paul offers the Philippian church and us a strategy for embracing joy in an anxious world.