When we face important decisions and opportunities in our lives, we often weigh the pros and cons. We often find reasons to avoid making changes and to keep doing things the same old way. But there comes a time when we must decide… are we going to play it safe or go all in?

5 Dec 2021
God With Us: God with Joseph, the Dutiful
Matthew 1:18-25

Rev. Ronell Howard

The Christmas story of Jesus’ birth begins with a dilemma. Mary’s pregnancy creates a real issue for Joseph. He is not the father; this situation not only creates personal pain; it also could cause a public scandal. Joseph chooses not to disgrace Mary, but instead he will divorce her, the best that could be hoped for in this situation. However, the Spirit of God moves Joseph from doing good out of a sense of obligation to the revelation of God’s extraordinary plan. When God calls us to move beyond our duty, God is with us.

28 Nov 2021
God With Us: God with Zechariah, the Skeptic

Luke 1:5-25

Rev. Ronell Howard

There are moments when circumstances in life or deferred hopes and dreams may feel like a heavy burden with no relief in sight, from smaller expectations to deeper concerns, such as job security, financial responsibility and fragile relationships. While all of us face the mystery of what tomorrow may bring, the assurance we have is that when we pray, God is with us.